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We’re better together!

As school societies, we’re stronger and can accomplish more together than apart. A donation to the Building on Our Blessings Campaign will...

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Build on the connection between church, home and school.

Let’s continue the legacy of Reformed education in the valley. Throughout the history of our schools, one thing remains constant: our education is informed and defined by the same worldview which shapes our life at home and in the Church.

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Provide quality education for generations to come.

We need to keep pace with our world through state-of-the-art facilities and innovative technology. Together, we can develop an innovative and dynamic education system that offers a high-quality education — without compromising our Reformed Christian values and worldview.

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Equip your child to live in a challenging and changing world.

As a community, our goal is to graduate students that are ready to live in the Kingdom. Your investment helps students graduate better equipped to live, love and serve — contributing to the common public good to the end that they may serve their God.

Hear what our educators have to say...

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A donation today is an investment in the future of our community.

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Campaign Goals

The path forward.

There are two main goals for the Building on Our Blessings Campaign.

Create two new middle schools at John Calvin Christian School and Credo Christian Elementary School.
Separating these two schools into elementary schools (K–5) and middle schools (6–8) will improve education quality and better prepare our children.
Move Credo Christian High School from Langley to Abbotsford.
As our community moves and grows further east, so should our high school. This move will give us more land for a state-of-the-art campus.

Fundraising Requirements

How do we get there?

A new mortgage against the land that is acquired.
The existing mortgages on school properties.
Disposition of school properties*

*William of Orange Christian School property in Cloverdale and the Credo Christian Elementary School property in Langley.

Donations from the supporting community.

Phase 1: Middle School Implementation: $0–5 million
Phase 2: Land Acquisition: $12–15 million
Phase 3: High School Implementation: $10–15 million

How can you help?

We can’t do it alone. We can only accomplish our Phase 1 campaign goals with your help, raising upwards of

$2-5 million


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Where are we today?

Phase 1

$5.03 million has been raised

for Middle School Implementation

Looking for more information?

If you’d like to find out more about the plans for Reformed education in the Valley, our fundraising efforts or how to donate, email [email protected]